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US Tourist Visa Requirements, Application Online | Travel, Visit Visa Guide
Posted on: 29 Aug 2017  |   Tags: Tourist Visa Guide , Travel Guide , US Tourist Visa , USA ,

Here are a few tips for US tourist visa application and interview process. Let there be no worry about the visa being rejected as the following steps will lead to success. These are actually based on paper formalities, personality traits, the mood required and so forth. US Tourist Visa Requirement - Applications These guidelines focus on obtaining a USA tourist visa / travel visa / visit visa. The process is different for work visa or immigrant visa. Registration process supposed at the US Consul Office Here, the applicant needs to fill out information as a person, check the interview date and notice the mode of payment. Furnish personal data Select the mode to receive your passport. Have a copy of 2x2 photograph Give personal details, place of residence and a phone number, passport travel, past the US travels, US contacts, family, education, training, work and background. Check first if the earliest date of appointment is fine. You can pay by doing an online transaction. Pay through online transaction Take note of your reference number You will receive an email confirmation once this has been completed. Print this as this will act as your receipt to be presented at the USA Embassy. Choose the date of appointment. Your appointment confirmation expected through email. Print this for taking to interview. Prepare your set of documents

US Tourist Visa Interview Requirements

Passport with a validity of 6 months Visa fee receipt Proof of confirmation of appointment 2x2 photograph You can bring additional documents also Show up to your interview 15 minutes before your scheduled time Phones and other electronic devices not allowed in the Embassy On the interview date, line up outside the Embassy. Additional 15 minutes required for security checks to get Us tourist visa
  • A staff member asks for passport
  • See a staffer to present your appointment form and other requirements
  • Put your belongings in the allotted belt
  • Humans supposed to check bags manually
  • Go for pre-screening to the place where they asks you questions
  • Finger scanning
Just prepare the documents that could prove your rootedness. Answer the questions honestly. Smile and don’t be nervous. There’s no reason to be nervous. You must show to a consular officer that your application submitted according to US Nationality Act. The visit is of a temporary nature covering pleasure, or something That you plan to stay for a limited period Show the funds to cover your expenses Show that you have a house in your country to return and have a place in society Confirm them that you will return after the visit After this happens the interviewer will base his decision on the answers on your form and your answers in the interview. Everything goes fast. Questions likely to be asked are the reason for visiting the US, work, courses studied in college, the countries visited and the like. It takes only minutes for approval but you have to decide the best places to visit in USA before only. This helps you to visit all the important places before leaving the United States of America. See best packages for USA tourist visa that includes flight itinerary, hotel booking, visa assistance, foreign exchange, many more and apply for an American travel visa today.

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