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A Close Look at Israel Tourist Visa Requirements, Application
Posted on: 29 Aug 2017  |   Tags: Israel Tourism , Tourist Visa Guide , Travel Guide ,

Israel is a dynamic Country in the Middle East and has the third highest rate of Entrepreneurship in the world. It has 137 beaches and 273 km of coastline. There is a high ratio of college degrees here in comparison to the population. There is a culture for fresh start-ups here and there is a spirit of technology also. It is a great democracy with the finest participation from the people. Life expectancy at birth in Israel is at 82 years which is two years more than the OECD average. It has launched its own satellite into the space orbit. Books, art, culture, chess, museums set to have great importance in this country. A quarter of Israel’s workforce holds university degrees and is ranked third in the industrialised world.

Israel Tourist Visa Requirements

Israel Tourist Visa Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Israel tourist visa you will have to fulfil the following conditions:

You must possess valid passport

Your passport must be of a validity of 6 months

Applicant must be in good physical and mental health

Applicant must have overseas travel medical insurance and need to be free from any kind of contagious diseases.

Relevant Forms & Photograph Two Recent passport-size photographs in colour with white background unstapled.

Visa Applications can be obtained online or from the visa sections of The Israel Embassy New Delhi or the Consulate General of Israel Bangalore/ Mumbai

Visa Fee for Tourist and Business is Rs. 1400/- (with a Processing Time of 03-04 Working Days). It covers the visit to Israel for the purpose of tourism, sightseeing, attending business meetings or studying.

Israel Tourist Visa Information

A visitor wishing to visit Israel for the purpose of tourism will have to obtain a short stay tourist visa.

Also known as B/2 visa.

The purpose of issuing is to help people for the purpose of sightseeing, attending business meetings or for studying.

It carries no right to the recipient to work in Israel and is valid for three months - a 90 day period starting from the date of issue.

This visa can be extended if on the wish of the visitor.

It requires that the applicant is financially able to support himself/ herself during your stay in Israel and for meeting return transportation requirements.

They must express the intention to leave Israel at the end of their authorised stay.

All applications will be assessed by The Embassy of Israel, located in New Delhi, The Consulate General of Israel, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

As it is a picturesque country, there are several tourists visiting annually and requires sufficient funds for stay.

Evidence of sources of funds like Bank statement for last three months is mandatory.

You need to provide two passport size colour photograph copies of recent visa application. They must not be more than 6 months old.

It can be had at the Centres where Applications for Israel Visa can be submitted are located in Bangalore apart from New Delhi as well as Mumbai.

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