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Eye Catching Thrills in Canada | Experience At-least Once in Lifetime
Posted on: 14 Sep 2017  |   Tags: Travel Guide ,

Canada is more like a continent than a country and is known to give amazing experiences and great moments. It has completed 150 years since Confederation and is on top of the list of the countries to visit as per The New York Times. It has awesome cities like Montréal and Toronto. 

Canada Thrilling Experience

Thrills you should Experience in Canada

First of all, the iconic CN Tower at 1,815 feet is a place for an urban adventure.

It is known for the polar bears in Manitoba. It is unique and distinct and is regarded as the Polar Bear Capital of the World.

British Columbia is home to Mountain Biking. It is an outdoor adventure and its natural terrain presents a great mountain bike trail in the world.

Another delight is the charming Québec City. Its Old Town is especially lovely and is marked as a UNESCO treasure. Its colonial streets take you down the memory lane and you feel that you are visiting a French fairy tale.

The Niagara Falls straddling the US-Canada border is majestic in its flow and is marked by three enormous Cascades with pleasant and unforgettable views. You get drenched and love the feeling.

Vancouver has a wild nightlife and is perfect with several clubs dotting it. Known for star DJs on the decks; house parties and drag shows, it has a great reputation.

In addition, Banff National Park houses millions of fir trees, still waters, and much more. It is an idyllic canoeing place to pick up a paddle.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has several offerings displaying the finest in arts. It is an ideal place for some excitement.

Montréal has tasty and delicious food offerings which are equally popular with children and adults. Consequently, there is plenty for everyone’s delight. The Irish neighborhood is trendy and worth visiting.

Toronto loves art and has a thriving design district and impressive streetscapes. There are inviting contemporary art houses splashing and proudly displaying street art. The galleries are a treat to the eyes.

The Cabot Trail is the finest in the country. Spread over a distance of 300 km in a spectacular manner it covers the coast of Cape Breton and goes an Atlantic Way.

Heli-Skiing in British Columbia is an added attraction and an unforgettable experience. A helicopter adventure of greatest thrill drops the enthusiast into the mountain wilderness stunning the senses.

The 202 km long Canal in Ottawa is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO and holds the Guinness Book Record as the longest naturally frozen ice rink in the world. It is a great gift to give to the family.

Because of all these wonderful places and sights, probably Canada can be regarded as a lovely country worth visiting again and again. In conclusion, we may say that it is close to the heart of all visitors who come here and have a good time. Thinking to visit Canada? Don't wait, apply for a Canada tourist visa now and make your holidays memorable.

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