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Best Ways to Celebrate New Year in Japan | Japan Tourism
Posted on: 22 Sep 2017  |   Tags: Japan Tourism , New Year Celebrations , Travel Guide ,

Here are the best ways to celebrate new year in Japan. Have a look on the best things to do in Japan during the new year celebrations and plan a trip to see one of the beautiful places of the earth.

New Year celebrations in Japan is full of memories. People return to their hometowns, stay with the family, follow traditions, and set their mood for celebrations. There are several places to be present in Tokyo on this great new year celebrations. It is an ideal time to signify a fresh start. Forget all sorrows and get prepared for better days. People pray for a smooth year and aim to be better matters of life like jobs, education, work, and relationships. New Year customs in Japan are all about purification rites. 


Celebrate New Year in Japan – Things Involved

Visit Hatsumode at Meiji Jingu-Mae

It is a shrine visited at midnight on December 31. It is a worth seeing sight, large, well-known and receives a fair share of crowds. It is a sacred structure where people of all ages flock are together to seek blessings, to make their wishes and prayers for the new year.

Celebrate in Shibuya

Shibuya has an active nightlife scene in Tokyo.  It has fine bars and clubs for holding the best parties. Enjoy and celebrate the new year in Japan.

Zojoji temple and ringing New Year bells

Buddhist temples ring their bells 108 times at midnight on New Year eve. Buddhist faith says that people have 108 desires which affect feelings in both good and bad ways. They help us to get rid of all desires and suffering. Visiting Zojoji, to experience this ritual sets our heart and soul clean and free. This will be one of the best ways to celebrate the new year in Japan.

Countdown at Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower located in Minato Ward has a countdown celebration to herald a New Year. The lights change color, and several lovely balloons are released. Plan a trip today to Japan.

See a sunrise at Mount Takao

The first sunrise of New Year fills all viewers with hope and it is observed from a vantage point. So join hands and plan a trip to Japan to see the beautiful first sunrise in the new year.

Fireworks at Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea are places holding spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve. You can visit the place to experience warmth-ness in New Year.

Dance at AgeHa nightclub

AgeHa is a popular and major club which is known to welcome, celebrate New Year in Japan style. DJs with great music and tunes make it a place to be and serve great memories.

Eat Soba and rice cakes

Soba is a traditional dish served on the last day of the year. It has significance and is considered as a symbol of good fortune and longevity. It is easy to chew and help us to forget all hardship of life. 

Another delicacy is rice cake which is a highlight of new year's cuisine. Rice is soaked overnight and cooked by pounding repeatedly with a big wooden mallet to get a sticky and stretched consistency.

There are clubs in Tokyo that make arrangements to celebrate new year in Japan style. A visit to them will add to the spirit and please a person in a big way.

There is a festive environment and one can see beautiful New Year decorations which create a huge impact on our mind. Plan before and have a safe trip to this new year in Japan.

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