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Best Places to Visit in Gabon, Africa | Gabon Tourism
Posted on: 06 Sep 2017  |   Tags: Africa Tourism , Places to Visit , Travel Guide ,

Gabon is unique is full of scenic places, similar to paradise. There are lovely sandy beaches, thick forests, flowing rivers, and fantastic landscapes to see. Its area is vast and its beauty is undiscovered. 10 % of the area is now a protected land. It is an ideal place to visit in Africa and has notable national parks.

Gabon is the heart of Africa tourism and is located in equatorial Africa. It is known for peace and stability. Known as a tourist friendly and progressive country it is a truly adventurous destination.

Gabon tourist places to visit once in lifetime


It is the capital and a remarkable city. There is a flow of oil money, with which the paved roads, fine streets, and great restaurants have been created. The city has casinos, and there are great places offering French wines. There is a gorgeous coastline enhancing its beauty. The markets are always abuzz here. The National Museum, Presidential Palace, and St Michael Cathedral are added attractions.

Libreville - Gabon Tourism - Africa

Loango National Park

This presents the best safari experience. It is enriched with a flourishing landscape and unbelievable wildlife. There is a captivating 200 kilometres shoreline making it one of the finest places to visit in central Africa. Its royal inhabitants are surfing hippos, gorillas, majestic elephants dolphins, whales, and much more.

Pongara National Park

It covers an area of 900 sq. km presenting an eye catching landscape there. There are thick Forests and lovely beaches here. One can feast the eyes with bird species, monkeys, chimpanzees, leather-back turtles, duikers, buffaloes, and elephants. The first burial spot of Chief Rapontchombo is also a place to visit.

The Fernan Vaz Lagoon

This is a haven for people interested in conservation efforts. The renowned Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project has a sanctuary on Gorilla Island. There is a beautifully distinct church. The forest views and the beach always remain in memory.

Ivindo National Park

The park is remote and famous for the conservation of biodiversity. The river which runs through the rain-forest has several rapids and waterfalls. It is ideal for adventure packages camping in the rain-forest and river excursions. Birds, Gray parrots, elephants, chimpanzees, bush pigs, Gorillas, and more species can be spotted here. Africa tourist places are as rich as Makokou, which is the capital of Ogooue-Ivindo region.

Makokou and Kongou waterfalls

It hold spiritual significance and are held in high esteem by the locals. Its surrounding areas are also known as the residence of the Pygmies.


This is the culmination point of the Trans-Gabon Railway and a large city. It is rural in character and is a bustling lovely place. The St. Hilaire’s Church serves as the memorial of President Omar. The nature lovers are pleased with the nearby Poubara Falls. Gabon tourist visa will help you to visit these lovely spots and allow a brush with nature and the wild.

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