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14 Adventurous Things you must do on Travels

The most extreme travelers of the world see its wonders and think of seeking an adrenaline fix out of them. They are on the lookout to find a fast way to get to the bottom from the top of mountains and want to have a thrill out of jumping into the ocean to see its inhabitants. The modern age of exploration is characterized by pushing the self and test our mettle. There are many adventurous and rewarding travels which can be pursued and we list them here.

1.Cliff jumping

Cliff jumping and diving at all places which have cliffs, gravity, and water at the foundation of these cliffs. It involves courage and can be done with less preparation. A swimsuit is needed and there are innumerable and astonishing places in the world which serve as a thrilling site to do them. Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica, Palawan in the Philippines, are two of the ideal places to do it.Cliff jumping

2.Shark Diving

Diving with a deadly predator is for the strong hearted. There are many ways in which shark diving can be done like free-diving with gigantic, passive whale sharks, cage diving with the great white shark. The ideal spot for cage diving is around Seal Island very close to Cape Town in South Africa, where the great white shark is visible just five feet away. Shark Diving

3. Volcano trekking

Volcano trekking is a really adventurous activity. There are varying types of volcanoes with different levels of activity. Haleakala located in Hawaii had little activity in the last hundred years, and the picturesque volcanoes of Java are greatly active. Mount Etna, with its active status, is a great location for volcano trekking and has a wide range of route options. Having a Sicilian dinner is an added attraction at the end of the day. Volcano trekking

4.Cave Diving

This out of the world experience takes a person to some remote, untouched places on earth. It is a dangerous activity and requires specialized equipment and an advanced certification also. Through it, the rare wildlife and geological wonders can be discovered. A cave diver can go places and it can be done at Riviera Maya, of Mexico. Cave Diving

5.The Ice Marathon

An Ice Marathon is meant for the real adventurers. Conducted in Antarctica to facilitate runners on all seven continents, it has a new meaning and charm. It happens in the Antarctic summer, where constant strong winds are chilling which touch -20 C. The place is the base of the Ellsworth Mountains located a few hundred miles from the South Pole, where the views are unbelievable. The Ice Marathon

6.Kayaking with whales

Sea kayaking is just awesome. Through it, one can see seabirds, fish, and dolphins, and eye-catching scenery. The eventual place to do this well is Kodiak, Alaska, where whales, bears, puffins, seals, and otters are visible. The kayaking takes place close to the rugged coastline of one a scenic place in the world. Kayaking with whales


Mountain climbers have a great sense of achievement and are adept to spend a big part of life in developing physical prowess and technical skills to scale new heights literally. They touch the highest points on Earth and also witness supremely beautiful views of the world. There are many mountains to climb. The tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, can be reached as an amateur, when the climber is fit as well as in good shape free from altitude sickness. Mountaineering  


Sandboarding across the unprotected dunes is fun and involves skills. It needs courage and top walking skills. Erg Chigaga located in the Moroccan Sahara is a top spot to pursue it. Sandboarding

9.Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping has acquired great popularity in the last decade and can be done everywhere in the world. The lure of plummeting to Earth, the scenery around, the beautiful jumps and the trembling heart are all a part of the thrill which can be had at Nevis close to Queenstown, New Zealand. The jump is done from a cabin which remains suspended over a gorge, and the duration is eight seconds. Bungee jumping


When daring Climbers hang tent systems called “portaledges.” Wonders happen. Places have emerged where fun can be had and Waldseilgarten in Bavaria is one such. It permits sleeping in portaledge tents on cliffs or if one cares suspended from trees. There is an element of courage attached to this activity. Portaledging

11.The American Triple Crown

The USA is known for three long-distance hiking events covering the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide. The distance involves visiting 22 states and one has to clock 7,900 miles and cover many feet of vertical gain. After doing this the achiever joins the privileged ranks of Triple Crown members who are barely 200at present. It requires longer duration and reserves of energy. The American Triple Crown


Spelunking essentially involves exploring caves. There are guided walking tours through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, which is easy and the tough ones like Chapada Diamantina, located in Brazil. Hiking is available for the Lapão Cave. Spelunking

13.Mountain bike racing

Taking up mountain bike racing has an element of difficulty and danger, but is an exhilarating, and fun experience. The finest mountain bike race happens to the Colorado Trail Race. It is a rich biking experience covering 500 miles in the Colorado Rockies and has 70,000 feet of elevation. It is tough, but offers spectacular views. Mountain bike racing

14.Sailing single in a major water body

Sailing single in a major water body is a romantic and thrilling adventure. In it you get to sit alone in a boat which is powered by the wind and you gain mastery in it. You can watch the pleasant sunset, fall asleep under the stars and feel the spray on your face. It needs training, experience and the expensive equipment. The finest spot to do this rewarding is the Chesapeake Bay close to Annapolis, Maryland. Sailing single in a major water body  

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